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Film and Entertainment

It’s not unusual to walk down the street in Vancouver and see the tell-tale parade of conspicuous white trucks. This city is, after all, known as “Hollywood North” for good reason. Just as Vancouver has become the go-to city for producing big budget blockbusters, fan favourite TV shows, and pretty much every car commercial you see on TV today, Truffles Fine Foods has become Vancouver’s go-to name for catering in the film and entertainment industry for over 15 years. Our commitment to high standards of excellence has helped us build a reputation as the industry leaders. Whether it’s a one-day commercial shoot, a rockin’ music festival, or a months-long feature film production, it’s all par for the course for the team at Truffles Fine Foods. We’ve handled them all, and we’ve done so professionally, skillfully and creatively.

We will work with your needs to find a balance between convenience and budget – all while working with the dietary needs of individual cast and crew members. We also offer services for wrap-up parties and have the capability to have self or full-service food trucks on-site. You can count on our film catering services to be delivered on time and within budget because personalized attention to detail is what we do best.

For inquiries please contact us at 604 505 4961 ext. 2 or info@trufflesfinefoods.com

For on-set film truck catering please call Nin at 604 834 4075.

We’re currently updating our website and all of our menus are not available online. Please email info@trufflesfinefoods.com or call (604) 505-4961 for a copy of our menu.