vancouver catering questions and answers

Booking Procedure

How far in advance should I request a booking?
The sooner the better but here are our booking guidelines:

  • Small events (100 guests or less): Ideally 3 weeks in advance.
  • Large special events (101 guests or more): Ideally 6 months in advance.

*in the event of shorter notice, we will do our best to accommodate your request
** all bookings are subject to availability

Is it best to book the caterer, or the venue first?
It is best to book the venue first to ensure outside caterers are allowed.

Does the price on menus include all costs?
Prices listed on our website are for food only. Staff and rental charges vary on a wide variety of factors. These include but are not limited to; timeline, location, menu, venue-provided supplies, etc.

Deposit/Saving the Date
A deposit is required to reserve any event date. All bookings are handled on a first come first serve basis based on date the deposit is received.

  • For events under $500, full payment is required.
  • For events $501-$4999, a 50% deposit will be required.
  • For events $5000 and up, a 75% deposit will be required (this can be paid in multiple payments but is due 1 month prior to event)
  • Truffles Fine Foods accepts cheque, Visa Mastercard or American Express. Alternatively ask about our EFT options. Final payment by credit card is subject to a 2% processing fee. Please fill out the credit card authorization form attached to our proposals or give us a call.
  • Cheques should be mailed to or dropped off to 8286 Sherbrooke St, Vancouver, BC, V5X 4R6.
  • All final balances are due upon receipt. If not paid within 30 days, the credit card on file will automatically be charged.

What is your cancellation policy?
100% deposit will be reimbursed if cancelled 4 months* prior to the original date of your event. Please note the deposit becomes non-refundable if the original event date is rescheduled for any reason.
*A fee may be withheld to cover admin costs incurred on any event up to the date of cancellation

When do you need final numbers?
For events, Truffles requires 10 business days’ notice for final guest count.
*in the event of shorter notice, we will do our best to accommodate your request

I will be booking my event months in advance, are your prices guaranteed?
Once initial deposit is made, prices are locked in up until the original booking date. Otherwise, prices may be subject to change.

When do you send the final invoice?
Typically, between 7-10 business days after the event. Payment is due on receipt.


How long is the initial consultation?
The initial consultation can vary depending on the scope of your event but is generally about 15-20 minutes. This allows us to gather the information required to provide you with an estimate. Questions may include event date, guest count, event location, event type, service style and estimated timeline.

How many times can we meet in person?
Our standard is 2 consultations; one tasting, and one final meeting which includes a site visit if necessary. Additional meetings can be arranged depending on the size and scope of the event.

When is the final meeting? What is it for?
The final meeting will happen 3 – 4 weeks prior to your event. During the meeting, we will review all event details including, but not limited to, final numbers, timeline, layout, rentals, menus and special requests.

Services and Staffing

What does your standard setup include?
Our standard setup includes table settings, buffet tables and bars.

Can you set up/teardown tables and chairs? Chair covers?
Yes, we offer full set up and teardown packages that can include setting up chairs, chair covers, and tables. This is done for an additional fee, please speak with our sales team for pricing.

Do you help with layout?
Yes, we’re experts at setting an event up for efficiency.

What are the rates for chefs/servers/bartenders/supervisors?
Our rates are based off minimum continuous 4 hour shifts, please contact our sales team for details. Statutory holidays, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve will be billed at time and a half.

How many staff members do I need?
We require a minimum of 1 event manager for events where staff are onsite. The number of additional staff members required will depend on the size and scope of your event and is based off our guidelines we have developed over the years.

What does the staff wear?
Our formal event uniform consists of black pants/skirts, black shirts, black ties, and black aprons. For casual events our staff may wear black pants with our Truffles’ t-shirt.

What time does the staff arrive? How long do they stay on site?
Staff will be scheduled to be on site 1.5 – 2 hours before the beginning of the event. This can vary depending on the scope of the event and what set-up is required before guests arrive. Staff will stay on site until the event teardown is complete (if we are hired to do the teardown), which will begin as soon as the last guest leaves or when discussed with the client. Event Managers will be paid from the time they leave our headquarters until they have returned to headquarters.

Do I need service staff onsite, or can I just get the food delivered?
You can certainly request food to be delivered instead of having a staffed event. This will limit some of the menu choices. Our sales team will work with you in building a menu that you can easily serve yourself!

I don’t have a kitchen at the space I am hosting an event at, what can I do?
We can build a temporary kitchen if there is space to do so at the venue. There will be added charges for this service. Please contact us for more details.

Event Menus

Do you offer a menu tasting?
Yes, Truffles offers menu tastings, please contact our sales department for more information.

What can I select for a tasting?
Depending on your menu, sales will walk you through your tasting selection choices.

Do you cater to dietary needs?
Absolutely. Food restrictions and/or allergies may be accommodated with advanced notice.
*Please note: as we are not a nut-free facility, we will do our best to avoid cross-contamination. Truffles Fine Foods will not be held liable for adverse reactions to our menu offerings.

Do you customize menus?
Yes, Truffles can customize menus to suit your needs. Depending on the menu items, there may be additional costs and / or notice required. We are happy to discuss any request.

When do you need to confirm your menu choices?
3 week prior to the event is preferable however, 10 business days prior is the firm deadline.

Do you charge cake cutting fees?
Truffles’ does not charge a cake cutting fee but we require it to be done by our chef.

Can I bring my own food?
Any food not provided by Truffles is required to be separated, clearly labeled with who provided it and served by the client.
*due to health and safety protocols Truffles’ will not be responsible for serving outside food.

Is Truffles able to provide kosher food?
Although our kitchen is not a Kosher kitchen, we do work with local vendors to accommodate requests.


Do you provide a liquor license?
Truffles supplies liquor license when we are supplying the liquor.

Can I bring my own liquor?
You can supply your own alcohol, however you will need to apply for a special events liquor license well in advance of your event. See link: Special Event License.

Do you charge corkage fees?
We do not charge corkage fees.

Can I bring homemade wine/beer?
See link for most updated terms and conditions: Special Event Permit Terms & Conditions


Do you have your own rentals? Can you take care of this for me?
Certainly, we have in-house rentals available for most events held at VanDusen Gardens (except for larger plated or family style dinners). Otherwise, for offsite events, our preferred rental company is A&B Rentals but we also work with a variety of other companies. We’re happy to take care of the rentals on your behalf, however we do charge a 15% coordination fee that is included in the quote.

How are replacement charges handled?
If rental items are damaged or missing, replacement costs will be added to the final invoice.

Can you send me a list of what rentals are required for my event?
Yes, we will provide you a breakdown of all the rentals you will require. If you choose to organize rentals yourself, our team will require a review of the order 2 – 3 months prior to your event.

Event Specialists and Venues

Can you recommend an event planner?
Yes, we have an extensive list of preferred event specialists that we work closely with.

Do you do the décor for the room/table?
We have a list of preferred event planners and décor specialists that we are happy to recommend.

Can you recommend other vendors? (DJ’s, photographers, décor specialists, etc.)
Of course. We’ve made some excellent connections over the years and have a short list of great people in the industry.

Can you provide audio/video equipment for my event?
When it comes to audio/video gear, we suggest that you hire a specialized company to take care of any needs you may have.

Can you find a venue for me?
We’re happy to send over some suggestions that fit the style of your event. We’ve generated a list of wonderful spaces that we’ve held successful functions at over the years.

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