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The Festival Of The Season

Christmas is almost here! I just took a look at the calendar today only to realize that Christmas is next week and I haven’t even started my holiday shopping yet. Oops! That said, are you in the festive spirit as much as I am? My tree is up, the lights are out, and the stockings are hanging. All I need now is some snow.. (I know, I know, but it’s been ages since we’ve had snow around Christmas time!).

If you had a chance to read my previous blog post about the Hootenanny over at VanDusen, I’m happy to announce that Anna the Hummingbird and her friends have successfully lifted the Halloween spell! Now, as the season transitions from Fall to Winter, so too does the experience at the Botanical Garden. As the snow begins to cap our local mountains with the sun setting earlier each day, VanDusen has brightened Vancouver once again with their annual Festival of Lights.

VanDusen Festival of Lights

What should you expect this year? If you haven’t seen the light show on Livingstone Lake paired with the music – all choreographed – it is amazing! Worry not, the show happens every 20 minutes, so you have several opportunities to catch the show and have it on your ‘gram. 

Carousel rides are another fun family treat for all ages. The ticket you purchase for entry grants you one free ride on the carousel, so be sure to check that out. Santa’s Lodge in the Visitor Centre is another free experience where choirs, bands, and singers perform on select nights. In addition, there is the Fireside Lounge, a Candle Grotto, and many more activities.

Getting hungry? Worry not because the Truffles Cafe and Truffles Hot Drink Hut is open at VanDusen on the regular and available to satisfy your taste buds! Be sure to stop by for some hot beverages or freshly prepared snacks as you see fit.

Planning Your Trip

As per their website, it is strongly encouraged that tickets are purchased ahead of time because it will save you money, bypass the lengthy lineups, and ensure you get through the gates. There is also a maximum number of tickets sold each night to avoid overcrowding, so make sure you plan ahead. The closer to Christmas, the busier it usually gets. If you don’t have any luck online, there will be limited tickets available at the gate and it is suggested that you arrive after 8pm. One tip I tell all my friends is to arrive early as parking is limited in the lot and fills up quickly!

Events & Celebrations

A “Hootenanny” at VanDusen

Like the summer tradition of watching the fireworks display down by English Bay, autumn has its share of spectacles, too. If you are ever looking for an easy date idea, a family-friendly event to attend, or a place to simply take-in the setting and go for a stroll, I would highly recommend the Glow in the Garden event at VanDusen. This annual Halloween-themed event features a number of treats, crafts, pumpkin carvings, and the ever-so-popular light show.

Photo Credit: Lindsay William-Ross

A Big “Hootenanny”

Every year, the Glow in the Garden event features a different theme. In the past, adventure seekers have been graced with the classical tale of Hänsel and Gretel, the hijinks of Alice-in-Wonderland (under the watchful presence of the Queen of Hearts, of course), and even spooked by a ghoulish-themed walk filled with creepy creatures and ominous music as one ventured through the garden. This year, however, we learn that an “old barred owl has played a Halloween trick by casting a ‘hootenanny’ spell and making it glow”. Those who decide to undertake the walk are asked to assist the hummingbird, Anna, and her friends to lift the Halloween spell. Are you up for the challenge?

Delectables Await

The garden walk can take adventurers up to an hour (or more) to explore, and during this time of year, it could be very cold and wet. What better way to prepare and warm up with a cup of hot chocolate or tea, and some tasty sweet and savoury treats? As an annual ritual for myself and some friends, we always find time to stop by the Truffles Fine Foods located at the VanDusen Garden Visitor Centre. Here, we are in a well-lit, enclosed space that overlooks the garden – the ideal place to plan our walk and prepare ourselves for the spectacles that await. The garden itself does have its share of food vendors scattered throughout various pockets as well, but neither are sheltered and typically have longer queues. 


With all this in mind, I am truly excited about meandering through the walk again this year because it is always a treat to see what the creative team at VanDusen are able to conjure. It is also that time of year for adults to reflect and remember the simpler times when we were once curious and unsuspecting of all the spooks and sprites that Halloween had to offer. If you have a chance, do visit Glow in the Garden and help Anna lift the spell!

For more information about Glow, or to purchase tickets, visit them here.

Events & Celebrations

A Day Trip To VanDusen


With the ever-increasing cost of living and the daily struggle with the notion of “adulting”, one often forgets one thing (two words): “Me time.” That’s right, it actually exists and is still a thing – at least, it can be if you want it to. As I sit here in my office surrounded by a forest of towering glass architectural feats, it made me realize how little time I spend on myself. It’s so easy to get lost in work – especially with how busy and demanding this city can become. Despite Vancouver priding itself on its majestic mountains and its beautiful coastal rainforests, finding some greenery where I can just sit in peace is, more or less, scarce.

With that in mind, however, there are pockets of hidden gems – secret gardens, if you will – that are found in various parts of our city. My recent trip to VanDusen Botanical Gardens allowed me to escape the hustle and bustle of my hectic day-to-day, and gave me that opportunity to focus on me. I was able to stroll through a garden of beauty and just meditate surrounded by nothing but peace and tranquility.

A Marvelous Medley

Despite having VanDusen Botanical Gardens located next to a rather busy street, the trees and bushes do a great job at reducing all the noise pollution. After entering through the lobby, the path you choose is really just up to you! The self-guided tour I took had me meandering through the carefully curated plants and flowers. There were tunnels, bridges, fountains, and even a small pavilion in the heart of it all that allowed me to rest and relax. As much as I wanted to refrain from using my phone, every corner I turned had something worth adding to the ‘gram. On a perfect day when the sun beams down on you, there is no limit to the amount of photos one can take.


Truffles Café at VanDusen

To complete my visit to the gardens, I had to indulge myself at the Truffles Café. With a freshly baked pastry on my plate and a hot cup of fairtrade coffee in hand, I was able to relax and take-in the garden from a distance – a terrific way to wrap-up my visit! Given its prime location at VanDusen and the quality of food delivered, this café makes for a remarkable venue for small events, meetings, and even afternoon tea! Recall how I referred to VanDusen as a hidden gem in our busy city? Well, this Truffles Café is like a gem within a gem – a true rarity indeed!

For your chance to explore these lovely gardens or dine at this exquisite café, it’s quite simple! Whether by car or transit, VanDusen and Truffles Café are both located at 5151 Oak Street. I encourage you to visit the gardens’ website to see what events they have in order to help plan your visit. If you need a bit of guidance, look into the walking tours which are carefully curated by volunteers, or you can create your own journey. As for the café, it wouldn’t hurt to call ahead of time to reserve your seat. It gets busy depending on time of day, so keep that in mind!

VanDusen maze photo source: TripSavvy


Four Palate Pleasing Locations

IT IS NO SURPRISE that the food scene here, in Vancouver, is a very competitive landscape. Although the food and hospitality industry has its fair share of challenges, it can also be very difficult for diners to decide on their next culinary adventure. For those epicureans and foodies out there who are willing to please their palates with unique gastronomic creations, Vancouver definitely has a lot to offer (but not enough time, naturally).

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, then I am glad you are reading this because Truffles Fine Foods has not just one option for you to satisfy amuse-bouche cravings, but four! Since 2005, we continue to deliver on our reputation of having quality, freshly-prepared foods for a wide range of people, events, and industries. If you are ever in need of a memorable food experience, allow our professionals to satisfy your needs. Here are four locations for you to choose from:

Howe & Davie Kitchen

Situated near the heart of Downtown Vancouver, our Howe & Davie location is the perfect place to grab a quick, delicious bite at any time of the day. Open daily and with menu items freshly prepared by our master chef, this location is perfect for a hasty snack, a gathering after work, or a weekend indulgence.

Truffles Kitchen at VanDusen Garden

Treat yourself to an afternoon of decadence by visiting our unique location within the Visitor’s Centre at the VanDusen Botanical Garden. With stunning views of the exotic flora that the garden has to offer, our café provides a dining space that aligns with the VanDusen Garden Centre’s “Living Building” philosophy. Order from a selection of Fair Trade coffees, handcrafted beverages, and locally-inspired foods – all prepared with the highest quality ingredients. If you desire the next of elegance, Afternoon Tea is also offered. We advise calling head for hours served as it changes seasonally.

North Shore Film Studios Kitchen

Our main catering kitchen and office located in North Vancouver was where all of our culinary magic first happened. Reaching back to how it all began, we are continually humbled and forever thankful to the film industry for helping us to get started. If you are looking to book catering for parties and other events, please give us a call!

Truffles Fine Foods Kitchens

New Westminster Kitchen

Your quest to satisfy your palate isn’t just limited to the City of Vancouver. If you happen to wander through our province’s former capital – New Westminster – we invite you to stop by the new, state-of-the-art Anvil Centre. Our unique kitchen provides visitors with an opportunity to taste our delicious, delectable foods and beverages made with the best and freshest ingredients. The Anvil Centre also makes a great venue to host group events of any size including weddings, conferences, and even board meetings. Truffles Fine Foods is proud to be the caterer of choice for the Anvil Centre.

With 2018 in full swing, finding the the right caterer or eatery shouldn’t be that tough of a decision. If you are in search of something exquisite, we encourage you to pay us a visit. Truffles Fine Foods offers nothing but the best quality ingredients and we invite you to join us on your next culinary adventure.



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THE SAYING THAT “LOCATION IS EVERYTHING” is perhaps no more true than it is for wedding venues. No amount of creativity, decor, and picture-book ideas can compare to the beauty of a naturally-blooming garden on a sunny day. Working with La Vista Events, bride Elise knew exactly what she wanted for her July 2016 nuptials to her now-husband, Austin.

Hasti Maloufi, owner of La Vista, recalls the simple and straight-forward reason the couple chose to celebrate with a VanDusen Botanical Garden wedding: “[It] was the perfect backdrop to showcase Vancouver’s West-Coast style with features of large plant collections and lush greenery.”

Following the charming ceremony, guests were encouraged to explore the gardens while sipping cocktails and nibbling canapés prepared by the culinary team at Truffles Fine Foods. VanDusen’s Visitor Centre was transformed into a gilded wonderland of florals, twinkling lights, and garlands of greenery where the newly-married couple celebrated with a reception including all of their friends and family.

Planning & Design: La Vista Events
Photographer: Taryn Baxter Photographer
Videographer: Chris Carr
Venue: VanDusen Botanical Garden
Decor + Florals: Niche Events
Table Rental: A&B Partytime Rentals
Chair Rental: The Little Wedding Shoppe
Officiant: Bride’s Aunt
DJ: DJ Barron S from GirlOnWax Events & Wedding DJs
Hair + Makeup: Denise Elliott Beauty Co.
Cake: Couture Confections by Rebeka Garcia
Desserts: Sweet Thea
Caterer: Truffles Fine Foods
Invitations: Minted
Bride’s Dress: Isabelle’s Bridal
Jewelry: Earrings from Swarovski
Bridesmaid Dresses: Zara
Groom’s + Groomsmen Suit: Moores

All photos generously provided by Taryn Baxter Photographer#austinelise1616


[sf_button colour=”accent” type=”standard” size=”standard” link=”https://trufflesfinefoods.com/vancouver-catering/wedding-catering/” target=”_blank” icon=”” dropshadow=”no” extraclass=””]TRUFFLES FINE FOODS WEDDING CATERING[/sf_button]

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This Styled Spring Wedding at VanDusen Botanical Garden Captures Both Whimsy and Romance

AS THE LAST DROPS OF SPRING RAIN evaporate and the first darling buds of May turn their petals towards a blue sky is when VanDusen Botanical Garden truly comes to life. Inspired by the delicate beauty of the season, Cristie Rosling at Umbrella Events planned and produced this styled spring wedding shoot at VanDusen Botanical Garden, while Vancouver-based photographer Caroline Ross captured every frame.

The catering team from Truffles Fine Foods was tasked with creating a feast that was both delicate in appearance but substantial in nature. Rustic platters were artistically piled with an enticing charcuterie selection. By contrast, bite-sized appetizers beautifully arranged on crisp white dishes offered inventive lighter fare.

Under the cotton candy-coloured canopy of a Benishidare Sakura cherry blossom, our bride nibbled Truffles’ sweet selection of handcrafted pastries and macarons in playful colours. Pantone’s colours of the year — rose quartz (pink) and serenity (blue) – were laced throughout the entire shoot and, specifically, in the desserts our team created.

Mismatched tables, antique jewels, and a dreamy five-tier wedding cake from The Cake and the Giraffe were key elements that added a whimsical character to this styled spring wedding. The sweeping greens and limitless canvas of colour at VanDusen Botanical Garden make it one of Vancouver’s most stunning and unique wedding venues. With the entire Truffles Fine Foods team on site, serving a memorable menu to your guests is a piece of (wedding) cake. Contact our team today to discuss how we can work with you to make your wedding like something out of a fairytale.

[sf_button colour=”accent” type=”standard” size=”standard” link=”http://trufflesfinefoods.com/weddings/” target=”_blank” icon=”” dropshadow=”no” extraclass=””]Click here to learn more about Truffles’ Wedding Catering[/sf_button]


Photographer: Caroline Ross Photography
Producer: Cristie Rosling, Umbrella Events
Location: VanDusen Botanical Garden
Cake: The Cake and the Giraffe
Florals: Green With Envy
Hair Pieces: Blue Brocade
Décor Rentals: Past Pieces and A&B Party & Event Rentals
Models: Madison Mayne & Morgan
Men’s Suit: H&M
Gowns: Frocks
Hair & Makeup: Save the Date Beauty
Jewellery: The Borrowed Collection
Food & Dessert: Truffles Fine Foods
Invitations: Invitations by Jennifer
Rings: Passion Diamonds

i-Grn59B3-2480x3720 i-3dnxsZT-2480x3720

Vancouver Photographer_122


Vancouver Photographer_022



All photos Ⓒ Caroline Ross Photography Studio

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Events & Celebrations


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Win tickets to the Festival of Lights with Truffles Fine Foods and light up your December!

Get the holidays started in style and get into the festive spirit at the annual Festival of Lights celebration. Enter to win tickets to this year’s #VanDusenFOL!

Here’s the deal:

We’re giving away a pair of tickets to this spectacular, annual holiday event.  One lucky winner will receive access to the Festival of Lights as well as a gift certificate to our Truffles Kitchen at Van Dusen Botanical Gardens.

To enter:

All you need to do is use paste the following message (and make sure you include the hashtag #VanDusenFOL), and share on any of our social media feeds:

Ho Ho Ho! The Holidays are here with Truffles Fine Foods #VanDusenFOL

Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and win a night out on us.

Contest closes Saturday, December 5th and the winner will be announced on Sunday.  Good luck!

Festival of Lights

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