Corporate & Entertainment Catering With Truffles

The food you eat at any event should be a delight for the taste buds, and be prepared and presented with the highest standards in mind. This is true whether it is a lunch for 10 or a wedding for 500. Truffles is proud to maintain these high standards with our offerings created specifically for both corporate and entertainment catering throughout the Lower Mainland.

Truffles works with many artists and groups when they are in the city performing. From video shoots in abandoned warehouses to performances in any of our classic theatres, Truffles will meet you there with food for talent and crew alike. On the 24th of August, Truffles will be catering for Beck, who will be playing at the Orpheum. An alt-rock performer, Beck’s musical stylings combine many genres and have diversified over time, continually evolving into the music that we hear today.

In addition to entertainment catering, Truffles offers corporate catering options for all your business needs. No two clients are alike, and each deserves a menu crafted to their specific requirements. Get your order to us before 3pm on the day prior, and we can have lunch for you on the next day. Planning a conference or company retreat? We can assist with ensuring everybody is satisfied and ready to tackle all the challenges, meetings, and team building events that come their way!

Whether you need a lunch for that long office meeting or full service for an event like Beck, Truffles has your back. We are proud to be serving both businesses and performers across the Lower Mainland. Don’t be afraid to contact us to inquire about your next big (or small) event!


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Truffles Fine Foods awarded Top Catering Blog Award from FeedSpot

SERVING UP SOMETHING THAT is just right takes more than just skill. Creativity, fresh ideas, incredible resources, and a team effort all come together in Truffles’ kitchen on an ongoing basis. They are the secrets to our success and the same can be said of our catering blog.

Since 2015, the social media team behind Truffles Fine Foods has been equally dedicated to bringing our clients quality content, interesting articles, and local events through our catering blog. We’ve shared charming weddings, up-to-date trend ideas, hot concerts, vibrant photos, and anything else we have been proud to take part in or share with you.

Top Catering Blog

Recently Truffles Fine Foods was awarded a coveted Top Catering Blog award from the website FeedSpot. FeedSpot is the best way to discover all of the best blogs in one place without bouncing from website to website. Listed blogs are organized by category, and Truffles’ blog has earned a top spot alongside other notable catering blogs from across North America and around the world. We proudly ranked 19th and know we can only keep going up from there!

Our entire team would like to graciously thank you, our readers and clients, for allowing us the opportunity to share with you. We hope you’ll continue to follow along as we bring you more interesting content, recipes, and events. If you have a great idea for a blog post or if there’s something you’d love to see on Truffles’ blog, we’d love to hear from you! Please send an email with your idea or fill out our contact form.

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WE’VE GOT OUR FINGERS CROSSED. As the grey, dreary days of winter are hopefully winding down, we know that spring is around the corner. Bundles of fresh blossoms, the harvest season’s first vegetables begin to sprout, and most of the days are filled with sunshine. Spring also means the start of wedding season, a time of year when the Truffles Fine Foods team kicks into high gear to make culinary fairy tales come true.

EVERY WEDDING WE CATER IS a truly distinct affair, and Randi and Alex’s elegant celebration last August was certainly no exception. Their perfect day began with a fun-spirited photo session near the docks in Richmond followed by an exchange of vows overlooking the water and a reception with all their friends and family at the UBC Boathouse.

THE THEME THAT THE COUPLE chose was rustic-romantic, an idea that is both stylish and playful. Marrying their rustic décor with select modern touches created an ambiance that reflected Randi and Alex’s tastes. Randi adores shades of white, blush, and cream, colours that were woven throughout. The floral arrangements in white and blush were beautifully paired with reclaimed timbers, mason jars, burlap, and other accessories to complete what Randi set out to achieve.

INSPIRED BY THE COUPLE’S VISION, the Truffles team was given the creative freedom to plan menu items that complimented the theme. Heirloom vegetables and locally-sourced fare took centre-stage on the glamourous tables the guests dined upon. Platters of local artisan cheeses and BC charcuterie were passed around before an incredible feast. Grilled New York steaks, succulent chicken from the Fraser Valley, and tender squash ravioli followed appetizers of seared sea scallops and heirloom salad with tomatoes and bocconcini. Guests with a sweet tooth were satiated with our lemon blueberry cheesecake, chocolate raspberry tarts, and dreamy dark chocolate mousse with fresh whipped cream. We were honoured to be able to prepare and serve such a meal for Randi, Alex, and their guests that only enhanced how memorable the day was.

THE COUPLE ALSO WORKED WITH Taffete Designs, a Vancouver-based boutique styling firm, and event planner Aly Armstrong to stylize their wedding day. Photography was provided by Butterfly Photography.


Truffles Fine Foods is an experienced caterer to weddings of all styles and sizes and would love to work with you in creating a menu to remember. If you can imagine it, our team can create it. Our staff is dedicated to providing lasting memories through our unique and inspiring menus. Please contact us today to discuss options for your next event!

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