Mother’s Day Brunch in Vancouver

There are many reasons why I love Spring. It is not just the beautiful cherry blossoms that paint our parks and streets pink, or the welcoming weather that surrounds us with sunshine and warmth. Spring also gives us the opportunity to call out and show appreciation to that special person in our lives. No, I am not referring to our best friend, or a significant other. I am talking about that special person who showed us unconditional love since day one – our mothers! 

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Truffles Meets Dogwood Brewing

Following what was a successful and highly demanded Valentine’s Day dinner for two menu, we have some really exciting news to announce that will heighten your senses and arouse your taste buds once again! But first, let me ask you the important questions: Have you had trouble visiting your favourite pub? Ever too busy to venture out to purchase your favourite brew? Ever craving your classic pub grub, but can’t seem to get access to it due to our lockdown? Well, friends, this blog post will answer your pressing questions and present you with a tasty solution.

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Valentine’s Dinner For Two

All right, you love bugs, listen up because this one’s for you! We all know how difficult it is to plan the perfect evening during these Covid times. There is uncertainty with dining out, we are limited with how many guests we can see, and given our busy schedules, time is of the essence! Look no further because Truffles Fine Foods has come up with a solution.
If you want to surprise your special someone with a delicious, home-cooked meal but time or cooking skills aren’t in your favour, our
Valentine’s Dinner for two has you covered.

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Reflecting On Our 2020

First and foremost, we thank you for your loyal support this year. ‘The year 2020 came with several unexpected and unanticipated surprises’ is probably the biggest understatement of the year. With the events that affected us all both locally and globally, it is easy to fall down that rabbit hole of negativity and reflect on unsavoury things. However, with every challenge also poses a handful of opportunities. This year allowed us to take into account our industry’s challenges, reflect on them, and develop new ways to better serve you, our customers. Despite the number of cancellations we faced due to the Provincial measures in place to tackle Covid-19, we were able to pivot and provide the same quality of service and food in new ways that kept our team and your families safe.

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Christmas Dinner To Go In Vancouver

There is something in the air this time of year – it is that feeling of hope, of relief, and of promise as we slowly count down the days to the Holiday Season and the New Year. It goes without saying that 2020 has taken us all for a ride. The entire world was turned upside down in an instant with this unprecedented pandemic and just as quickly as our catering teams were planning weddings and other catering events, the cancellations came at lightspeed pace. Yes, there was a lot of uncertainty, and yes, some sacrifices had to be made, unfortunately – not just here at Truffles Fine Foods, but across every industry. With that being said, it is with humble hearts that we bring back our annual tradition of Christmas Dinner To Go.

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2020 Food-Related Holiday Gift Ideas

With November just around the corner, our culinary team at Truffles Fine Foods has been working incredibly hard in our new commissary kitchen to come up with some creative holiday ideas that should excite and awake your inner foodie. Looking back at this year, 2020 had its share of surprises and challenges that had and still continue to affect us all. Our industry, much like many others, was pushed to its limits; however, it made us think outside our proverbial boxes and plan some carefully thought out menu and food ideas as we see the year out. This year, Truffles Fine Foods is proud to introduce Corporate Holiday Packages for all those who are busy working from home, and gift ideas from baskets to charcuterie and dessert boxes to treat loved ones or those deserving of a surprise.

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An Ideal Thanksgiving Dinner

Hard to believe, but it is the end of September and here I was complaining about how quickly July disappeared on us. As we move into the autumn season where, as we know, in Vancouver can become very grey, wet, and cold, it is hard for us to stay focused on the positives. I know you are dreading the chore of having to dust-off your rain boots and invest in a new umbrella, but I do have some good news on the horizon to share!

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Catering Procedures During COVID

Since March, Vancouver’s culinary, wedding, and catering landscape – like several industries – has taken such a drastic turn towards uncertainty and fear that no one really knows when things would return to the normal we took for granted. As restrictions started lifting and with the guidance of Vancouver Coastal Health, Truffles Fine Foods has taken – and continue to take – measures to ensure both the safety of you, your guests, vendors, and our staff. The full outline of our re-opening guide can be found here, but it is important for our team to emphasize the following:

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We Are Servicing Micro Events

It goes without saying that Micro Weddings and Events will now become the new normal – ideally not forever, but just for the foreseeable future. At Truffles Fine Foods, we understand how difficult having to reschedule and re-plan your events or big day could cause much unnecessary stress. Where can I find a decent venue? What would I serve my guests? How much would this all cost? 

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L’Abattoir Is Rated One Of Canada’s Best

Well, the votes have been tallied and L’Abattoir is a winner! After scouring thousands of restaurants and eateries across this great country of ours, the results are in. The final list was announced recently for Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants of 2020. Defined as “The definitive guide to Canada’s 100 best restaurants, culinary scene, chef profiles, recipes, new openings and fresh market trends”, Canada’s 100 Best is arguably one of the more prestigious lists in the country for our culinary and hospitality industry. If I may say, it’s kind of a big deal. According to the list itself, the rankings were published based on a poll of their national panel of 103 judges. Each submission was a ranked list of their top 10 dining experiences in 2019 resulting in a comprehensive list to activate your taste buds.

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