Truffles Meets Dogwood Brewing

Following what was a successful and highly demanded Valentine’s Day dinner for two menu, we have some really exciting news to announce that will heighten your senses and arouse your taste buds once again! But first, let me ask you the important questions: Have you had trouble visiting your favourite pub? Ever too busy to venture out to purchase your favourite brew? Ever craving your classic pub grub, but can’t seem to get access to it due to our lockdown? Well, friends, this blog post will answer your pressing questions and present you with a tasty solution.

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2020 Food-Related Holiday Gift Ideas

With November just around the corner, our culinary team at Truffles Fine Foods has been working incredibly hard in our new commissary kitchen to come up with some creative holiday ideas that should excite and awake your inner foodie. Looking back at this year, 2020 had its share of surprises and challenges that had and still continue to affect us all. Our industry, much like many others, was pushed to its limits; however, it made us think outside our proverbial boxes and plan some carefully thought out menu and food ideas as we see the year out. This year, Truffles Fine Foods is proud to introduce Corporate Holiday Packages for all those who are busy working from home, and gift ideas from baskets to charcuterie and dessert boxes to treat loved ones or those deserving of a surprise.

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Catering Procedures During COVID

Since March, Vancouver’s culinary, wedding, and catering landscape – like several industries – has taken such a drastic turn towards uncertainty and fear that no one really knows when things would return to the normal we took for granted. As restrictions started lifting and with the guidance of Vancouver Coastal Health, Truffles Fine Foods has taken – and continue to take – measures to ensure both the safety of you, your guests, vendors, and our staff. The full outline of our re-opening guide can be found here, but it is important for our team to emphasize the following:

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Four Palate Pleasing Locations

IT IS NO SURPRISE that the food scene here, in Vancouver, is a very competitive landscape. Although the food and hospitality industry has its fair share of challenges, it can also be very difficult for diners to decide on their next culinary adventure. For those epicureans and foodies out there who are willing to please their palates with unique gastronomic creations, Vancouver definitely has a lot to offer (but not enough time, naturally).

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, then I am glad you are reading this because Truffles Fine Foods has not just one option for you to satisfy amuse-bouche cravings, but four! Since 2005, we continue to deliver on our reputation of having quality, freshly-prepared foods for a wide range of people, events, and industries. If you are ever in need of a memorable food experience, allow our professionals to satisfy your needs. Here are four locations for you to choose from:

Howe & Davie Kitchen

Situated near the heart of Downtown Vancouver, our Howe & Davie location is the perfect place to grab a quick, delicious bite at any time of the day. Open daily and with menu items freshly prepared by our master chef, this location is perfect for a hasty snack, a gathering after work, or a weekend indulgence.

Truffles Kitchen at VanDusen Garden

Treat yourself to an afternoon of decadence by visiting our unique location within the Visitor’s Centre at the VanDusen Botanical Garden. With stunning views of the exotic flora that the garden has to offer, our café provides a dining space that aligns with the VanDusen Garden Centre’s “Living Building” philosophy. Order from a selection of Fair Trade coffees, handcrafted beverages, and locally-inspired foods – all prepared with the highest quality ingredients. If you desire the next of elegance, Afternoon Tea is also offered. We advise calling head for hours served as it changes seasonally.

North Shore Film Studios Kitchen

Our main catering kitchen and office located in North Vancouver was where all of our culinary magic first happened. Reaching back to how it all began, we are continually humbled and forever thankful to the film industry for helping us to get started. If you are looking to book catering for parties and other events, please give us a call!

Truffles Fine Foods Kitchens

New Westminster Kitchen

Your quest to satisfy your palate isn’t just limited to the City of Vancouver. If you happen to wander through our province’s former capital – New Westminster – we invite you to stop by the new, state-of-the-art Anvil Centre. Our unique kitchen provides visitors with an opportunity to taste our delicious, delectable foods and beverages made with the best and freshest ingredients. The Anvil Centre also makes a great venue to host group events of any size including weddings, conferences, and even board meetings. Truffles Fine Foods is proud to be the caterer of choice for the Anvil Centre.

With 2018 in full swing, finding the the right caterer or eatery shouldn’t be that tough of a decision. If you are in search of something exquisite, we encourage you to pay us a visit. Truffles Fine Foods offers nothing but the best quality ingredients and we invite you to join us on your next culinary adventure.

Truffles Fine Foods & The Polygon Gallery

An image of the Polygon Gallery, Truffles Fine Foods newest catering patner
Image courtesy of the Polygon Gallery

The stunning new Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver is set to open to the public in November of 2017. The gallery is meant as a home for art, expanding on the traditions of the former Presentation House Gallery. A beautiful building with incredible views, the Polygon Gallery will also be an amazing event venue. Truffles Fine Foods is excited to announce our partnership with the venue as they open their doors to events beginning in December 2017.

Whether you are looking to have a wedding, a cocktail party, host a reunion, or have a corporate gathering, the Polygon Gallery features multiple spaces designed for groups from 20 to 200 for seated dinners, and is able to welcome up to 600 people for standing receptions. The modern building and state of the art facilities mean that we are able to provide you and your guests with a stunning culinary experience set inside one of the city’s newest event spaces. With over 24,000 square feet of space, there is something for everyone at the Polygon Gallery.

Designed by local architects, the Polygon Gallery is set to become an iconic feature of the North Vancouver landscape, nestled in the city beneath the mountains. Rental of the gallery is a privilege of gallery membership, and revenue from gallery rentals and membership directly fund the innovative art programs that the gallery puts on. The venue is also incredibly easy to access via downtown Vancouver, as it is located beside the sea bus terminal and bus loop in Lower Lonsdale.

For more information on renting the Polygon Gallery, please check out the rentals page on their website. You can also find more information on our menus and catering options, or contact us to get your free event consultation. We look forward to working with you in this stunning new event space.


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Take your Vancouver corporate catering to the next level with our tips and ideas.

FOOD INSPIRES US, IT energizes us, and it nourishes us. Ask anyone what part of an event they most look forward to, and the meal is usually at the top of the list. However, anyone that’s ever been to a corporate lunch, all-day workshop, or staff meeting will tell you they’ve seen the same tired offerings again and again.

Truffles Fine Foods’ in-house culinary team has always prided itself on imagining exciting menus, thoughtfully tailored to each client’s needs. For more than a decade, we have been dedicated to providing the very best in the industry, setting us apart as a corporate catering leader. It takes more than fresh ingredients and creativity to captivate our clients’ taste buds, so we chatted with Fanny Dufour, Truffles’ Marketing and Business Manager, to get the low-down on how Truffles Fine Foods has excelled at corporate catering and how the team can take your event to the next level.

A great menu is key, but what is one thing clients often overlook when planning their corporate events?

Sometimes clients don’t realize the amount of time necessary to pull off a stellar event. Setting up and tearing down absolutely needs to be accounted for when planning your event’s timeline. It’s also a good idea to find out whether or not the venue will set up tables and chairs, or if it’s something you’ll need the caterer to do. Another thing that’s often overlooked is maintaining the catering, such as at a food and beverage area. When clients request a sandwich bar for a workshop, for example, they’ll need to have staff on-site to refill condiments, set out clean dishes, and refresh the toppings throughout the event.

I also can’t stress enough how valuable it is to your guests to inquire whether or not any of them have food restrictions. Your guests will appreciate that their needs are being considered and incorporated into the menu for the day. And, as they say, variety is the spice of life! If you’re planning a multi-day event like a conference, mixing it up each day will keep your guests on their toes. For an event that’s only a day in length, pick a lighter lunch and offer tantalizing appetizers and fresh-baked treats.

Just like Truffles’ clients, no two events are alike. How important is it to provide menu options that are flexible and able to suit everyone’s needs?

Like I mentioned, your guests will feel appreciated if you consider their tastes and dietary requirements. No two palates are alike either, so keeping your menu flexible will ensure happy guests! Make sure your caterer has a very clear understanding about the event you’re hosting – what’s it about? What kind of crowd are you including and what is the goal for the event? Will there be more men, more women, children attending, or a mix of all three? Believe it or not, these questions matter. This will help us determine what will work best for you, whether it’s a hot food buffet, if chef stations are an option, or that enough staff will be on-site to refill, replenish, and make sure everything is fresh and that presentation is consistently stunning!

What’s the most “stand-out” feature you’ve ever seen at a corporate event that Truffles Fine Foods has catered?

Our amazing staff created an ice bar for the 2010 Olympics with giant seafood on an ice station. It was really something! We also recently offered both a burger bar and sandwich bar, an ice cream station, and a chef station for some of our corporate clients.

We’ve seen a lot of really fun, fresh trends in the catering industry lately such as food trucks and self-serve stations – like Truffles’ burger bar! What kind of trends do you see on the horizon for corporate catering in 2017?

A lot of small plates and tasting menus of multi-course meals. These offer not only some great food variety, but also allows our culinary team to play with seasonal food, creativity, and presentation. We’ve been staying away from big portions and breaking them into smaller portions with a highlight on presentation. This gives event guests a wider variety of things to try!

Truffles Fine Foods has set the bar high as an industry leader in Vancouver corporate catering. What do you feel sets Truffles apart from other caterers?

That’s easy: our team! We have gathered together a group of highly-skilled professionals who are passionate about what they do. This sets us apart from other companies because we’re always willing to go above and beyond. We offer personable customer service, menu flexibility,  we honour a lot of last-minute requests, and we’re totally in tune with our clients’ needs. For example, creating a vegetarian-friendly dish involves more than just removing meat from the equation. We’ll instead suggest and create dishes that include a variety of vegetables and flavours because we love knocking your guests’ socks off!

We’ll work with your budget and even offer services you need – rentals, liquor licenses, or even recommending other industry professionals that we can collaborate with to make sure your event is pulled off without a hitch!


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Once Upon A Time celebrated its 100th episode with Truffles Fine Foods

Like something out of a fairytale, our team recently created a legendary feast fit for kings, queens, and all the heroes in between. ABC’s Once Upon A Time has famously filmed in the Greater Vancouver area for several years, often transforming downtown Steveston into the fictional village of Storybrooke. The show recently celebrated its 100th episode and commemorated the event in spectacular style at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery in Richmond.

The order was a tall one as we crafted an exclusive menu for more than 475 guests, including the show’s crew, actors, and VIPs. As guests mingled and reflected on the show’s success, our staff passed around a selection of inventive Hors d’Oeuvres featuring ingredients with undeniably Canadian flavour:

[list_item icon=”ss-check”]Alberta roasted beef on a crusty baguette, garnished with peppery arugula[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”ss-check”]BC albacore tuna tartare with avocado and wasabi cream[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”ss-check”]Olive tapenade and charred cherry tomato crostini, topped with crumbled feta cheese and a drizzle of balsamic reduction[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”ss-check”]Gourmet sliders featuring Alberta beef, tomato jam, cheddar cheese, and a truffle aroma[/list_item]

In between sips of champagne and wine, guests were treated to platters of French macarons to satiate those with a sweet tooth.

Truffles Fine Foods has proudly catered to the cast and crew of Once Upon A Time for more than five years, and in that time we have cultivated a great relationship with each of them. We were honoured to help mark this milestone, and wish them every success for the next 100 episodes!


© A.V. Club


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