Catering Procedures During COVID

Catering Procedures During COVID

Since March, Vancouver’s culinary, wedding, and catering landscape – like several industries – has taken such a drastic turn towards uncertainty and fear that no one really knows when things would return to the normal we took for granted. As restrictions started lifting and with the guidance of Vancouver Coastal Health, Truffles Fine Foods has taken – and continue to take – measures to ensure both the safety of you, your guests, vendors, and our staff. The full outline of our re-opening guide can be found here, but it is important for our team to emphasize the following:

Adapting To Various Serving Styles

Our meal and beverage services are no longer self-serve. As much as we enjoyed serving passed canapes to our guests, it is no longer feasible. We will, instead, offer individually plated mixed canapes to each attendee separately. This also translates to all foods that are not already individually plated (which will now be served by staff behind a sneeze guard) – for example, buffet services and chef stations. 

Regarding beverages, the procedures are very similar. Staff will pour your choice of coffee, juice, pop, or water behind a sneeze guard and any cream, sugar, etc. will be provided upon request as opposed to being self-serve. There will also be no re-using of cups/glass.

How Our Staff Adapt

Protecting our guests and staff is our biggest priority, so we have also adapted to the changes laid out by the Province. Gloves and masks must be worn at all times while working and changed regularly between tasks. When leaving and returning to work stations, hands must be thoroughly washed. All work stations and high-traffic surfaces must be sanitized every hour – and after each task is completed. All products are washed when received, and all staff must remain socially distant. Any staff feeling unwell are asked to stay at home.

At events, all staff will be required to have their temperature taken upon arrival. Gloves and masks are mandatory with regular hand washing when switching gloves or changing tasks. Surfaces and trays must be sanitized, everyone must practice social distancing, and hand sanitizing stations will be set up for our staff to use.

Our staff are fully aware and trained for these news procedures and protocols. I encourage you to read our reopening guide for a full list of all guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us! We look forward to serving you and your guests.