The Pipe Shop – A Unique Experience

The Pipe Shop – A Unique Experience

If you live along the North Shore or have taken the Seabus to and from downtown Vancouver, you have probably heard of, or at least seen signs of the “Pipe Shop”. Contrary to what you might think it is, it has nothing to do with vaping or the legalization of anything. In fact, it is a building filled with character, history, and has become an iconic landmark in North Vancouver for several decades. After having undergone a series of renovations, this coveted location was transformed into a gorgeous venue for big events and Truffles Fine Foods is a proud catering partner. So, before I dive into what this place features, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Credit: Vancouver Archives

What is the Pipe Shop?

North Vancouver has a very rich maritime history where shipyards once dotted its coast (and they still do to some extent). What began as the Wallace Shipyard in 1906 and later renamed to the Burrard Dry Dock in 1921, North Vancouver’s ship building history has shaped the history of our West Coast. Believe it or not, over 450 ships had been launched from the pier just a stone’s throw away from the Pipe Shop! Back in the 1940s when naval vessels were constructed for the war effort, this building was known as the Pipefitter’s building where all the pipes needed for ships were laid out and readied to be installed onto the vessels. Men and women would work tirelessly to ensure that each ship had the necessary components for launch. Following the closing of the Shipyard in 1992 and after the Pipe Shop was decommissioned, this 9,000 square foot building was renovated into a marvelous structure that incorporates its rich history with a modern flair! From the outside, it looks rather simple and vintage, but you’ll be amazed at the vaulted ceilings, heritage pillars, and original wooden beams that criss-cross their way above.

Booking An Event

Whether it be a wedding or a birthday celebration, the Pipeshop is designed to house up to 350 seated guests comfortably. This unparalleled facility is close to the pier which provides patrons with a remarkable view of the Burrard Inlet, Downtown Vancouver, and even the Lion’s Gate Bridge. On a warm, Summer evening, glimpses of the sunset can even be seen! Nearby is also the bustling streets of North Vancouver’s Lower Lonsdale area and the busy markets of Lonsdale Quay. Getting to and from the venue is also extremely convenient. There are paid parking lots nearby, but also free parking on evenings and weekends at the adjacent ICBC parkade. If you plan on taking transit, there are bus stops nearby and is a walking-distance from the sea bus terminal. 


On site, the Pipe Shop has Globe Lighting, 21 circuits of 20 amp power. Public washrooms are nearby, but all rentals (including table and chairs) are the responsibility of the renter. Although there are no kitchen facilities on site, we at Truffles Fine Foods have that covered. Since we are partners with the Pipe Shop, our team members have catered several parties and events at this venue and understand all logistics and challenges. Our team is able to work with you to plan your event and turn a good party into a great one. If you’ve any questions or concerns, reach out to our team today! We’re here to help.