Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

We understand the stresses that come with organizing a major event. Whether it is for a corporate function or a celebration of sorts, we know how time seems to countdown with little room for error. Our experts at Truffles Fine Foods has been in the catering industry for nearly 15 years and have catered at some of the finest events Vancouver has had to offer (including the 2010 Winter Olympic Games). We have had the privilege to work with some of the most organized coordinators, wedding planners, and even film crews from major Hollywood productions! That being said, the questions we get asked most often are almost always the same. So, here are five of the most common questions we face when people inquire about our catering and event planning in general.

Is it best to book the caterer, or the venue first?

It is best to book the venue first to ensure outside caterers are allowed or to make sure you do not have to pay a percentage to use outside caterers. You should also choose a venue that offers majority of items that are required for your desired wedding day ie. Tables, chairs, glassware for bar, settings – these are big items that are expensive to bring in.

What is the difference between buffet service versus a plated dinner service?

Buffet service is where we will set up a food table that your guests can approach, pick up a plate and then help themselves to the items that they would like. A plated dinner service is where the host(s) pre-select a menu and guests are seated before it begins. The courses are then brought by servers to the guest tables. Plated dinners tend to suit an event where an elegant, formal atmosphere is desired. Buffet service can suit both, however the style can be considered much more comfortable/casual. For plated dinners, please estimate longer timelines for service.

Do you offer a tasting menu?

Yes! Truffles Fine Foods offers a complimentary tasting for two, held at our café at VanDusen Botanical Garden. We typically offer this on a Tuesday/Wednesday evening (unless otherwise stipulated) as we provide a chef to address any questions that may arise.

Can you find a venue for me?

We are happy to send over some suggestions, depending on the style/occasion of your event. We have generated a list of wonderful spaces where he have held successful functions. To view our extensive list of venues, we invite you to visit this page.

Do you have your own rentals?

Need us to take care of rentals? Certainly! We have in-house rentals available for most events held at VanDusen Gardens (except for larger plated or family style dinners). Otherwise, for offsite events, our preferred rental company is A&B Rentals. We are happy to take care of the rentals on your behalf, however, we do charge a 15% coordination fee on top of the rentals fee.

For other frequently asked questions, this page might be of service. If you have more specific questions that we did not cover in this blog post or in our FAQ page, we invite you to contact us today!