Corporate & Entertainment Catering With Truffles

Corporate & Entertainment Catering With Truffles

The food you eat at any event should be a delight for the taste buds, and be prepared and presented with the highest standards in mind. This is true whether it is a lunch for 10 or a wedding for 500. Truffles is proud to maintain these high standards with our offerings created specifically for both corporate and entertainment catering throughout the Lower Mainland.

Truffles works with many artists and groups when they are in the city performing. From video shoots in abandoned warehouses to performances in any of our classic theatres, Truffles will meet you there with food for talent and crew alike. On the 24th of August, Truffles will be catering for Beck, who will be playing at the Orpheum. An alt-rock performer, Beck’s musical stylings combine many genres and have diversified over time, continually evolving into the music that we hear today.

In addition to entertainment catering, Truffles offers corporate catering options for all your business needs. No two clients are alike, and each deserves a menu crafted to their specific requirements. Get your order to us before 3pm on the day prior, and we can have lunch for you on the next day. Planning a conference or company retreat? We can assist with ensuring everybody is satisfied and ready to tackle all the challenges, meetings, and team building events that come their way!

Whether you need a lunch for that long office meeting or full service for an event like Beck, Truffles has your back. We are proud to be serving both businesses and performers across the Lower Mainland. Don’t be afraid to contact us to inquire about your next big (or small) event!