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2021 Easter Dinner To Go

As much as I would love to use the old adage that “spring has sprung”, it doesn’t quite seem or feel that way in Vancouver. The temperatures are still cold, it is beyond wet, and either I have completely missed the cherry blossoms, or they have yet to make an appearance. That said, I am hoping for some warmer weather. I mean, April is just around the corner and the Easter long weekend is a couple weeks away! It would be nice to see some sunshine, am I right?  

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An Ideal Thanksgiving Dinner

Hard to believe, but it is the end of September and here I was complaining about how quickly July disappeared on us. As we move into the autumn season where, as we know, in Vancouver can become very grey, wet, and cold, it is hard for us to stay focused on the positives. I know you are dreading the chore of having to dust-off your rain boots and invest in a new umbrella, but I do have some good news on the horizon to share!

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The Festival Of The Season

Christmas is almost here! I just took a look at the calendar today only to realize that Christmas is next week and I haven’t even started my holiday shopping yet. Oops! That said, are you in the festive spirit as much as I am? My tree is up, the lights are out, and the stockings are hanging. All I need now is some snow.. (I know, I know, but it’s been ages since we’ve had snow around Christmas time!).

If you had a chance to read my previous blog post about the Hootenanny over at VanDusen, I’m happy to announce that Anna the Hummingbird and her friends have successfully lifted the Halloween spell! Now, as the season transitions from Fall to Winter, so too does the experience at the Botanical Garden. As the snow begins to cap our local mountains with the sun setting earlier each day, VanDusen has brightened Vancouver once again with their annual Festival of Lights.

VanDusen Festival of Lights

What should you expect this year? If you haven’t seen the light show on Livingstone Lake paired with the music – all choreographed – it is amazing! Worry not, the show happens every 20 minutes, so you have several opportunities to catch the show and have it on your ‘gram. 

Carousel rides are another fun family treat for all ages. The ticket you purchase for entry grants you one free ride on the carousel, so be sure to check that out. Santa’s Lodge in the Visitor Centre is another free experience where choirs, bands, and singers perform on select nights. In addition, there is the Fireside Lounge, a Candle Grotto, and many more activities.

Getting hungry? Worry not because the Truffles Cafe and Truffles Hot Drink Hut is open at VanDusen on the regular and available to satisfy your taste buds! Be sure to stop by for some hot beverages or freshly prepared snacks as you see fit.

Planning Your Trip

As per their website, it is strongly encouraged that tickets are purchased ahead of time because it will save you money, bypass the lengthy lineups, and ensure you get through the gates. There is also a maximum number of tickets sold each night to avoid overcrowding, so make sure you plan ahead. The closer to Christmas, the busier it usually gets. If you don’t have any luck online, there will be limited tickets available at the gate and it is suggested that you arrive after 8pm. One tip I tell all my friends is to arrive early as parking is limited in the lot and fills up quickly!

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Our Traditional Christmas Dinner

I wish I can start singing, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”, but one would argue that it is still a wee bit too early (or is it?). Planning and preparing for the holiday season, however, does not always need to be saved for the last minute. As I witness every year, there is a mad rush at the malls in the days leading up to Christmas as folk attempt to swipe that extra gift they forgot to buy or the cards they forgot to write. When it comes to meals, I see it happening, too. Grocery stores and supermarkets lack the necessary ingredients you need to pull off your Christmas dinner, and most restaurants are not open on the big day. If you have ever been in that position of hunting down that holiday ham or turkey without much luck, then you know exactly what I am talking about!

Christmas Dinner To Go

There is an annual tradition here at Truffles Fine Foods where our culinary team prepares a delicious Christmas dinner to go for you, your family, and friends. We understand how busy the season can get, so we decided to prepare a traditional meal to save YOU time. Think about it – more time to entertain family and guests, more time to bake your holiday cookies, and more time to sing some carols! Our dinner to go has been a popular request for the past few years as the four-course meal is not just flavourful and filling, but is also prepared fresh and made with the finest ingredients our team can get their hands on.

What’s included? Have a look at this menu:

Roasted Turkey
Served with turkey gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce

Roasted Garlic Mashed Yukon Potatoes

Roasted Root Vegetables
Carrots, parsnip, rutabaga, red onion, and yellow turnip

Cinnamon Apple Rhubarb Pie

This dinner serves up to four people for a reasonable price of $180 (plus tax) and can be ordered from now until December 16th (or until we have reached our capacity). If you are interested, please submit your order to us at 

Orders are available to be picked up at our VanDusen location between December 22nd to 24th. 

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Holiday Memories In The Making

It is almost the holiday season – the time to be jolly, folks! I am not sure about you, but to me, it felt like November just fast-forwarded its way to December and now we are all on the eve of celebrating the holidays. After surviving the madness of Black Friday shopping, I can finally step back and breath a little. Throughout town, I have been noticing that decorations are starting to adorn the interiors of stores and the pretty lights are adding a unique glow to our rain-soaked city – which is a definite sight for sore eyes. Are you feeling festive yet? Getting ready to immerse yourself with the holiday spirit? If you need some convincing, let me extend a lifeline your way!


Christmas Dinner To Go

That is right, friends! It is back! Fire and foremost, thank you to all of you for making our Thanksgiving Dinner To Go a hit. We received more orders than I can count and the feedback we have gotten have all been very positive, so thank you!

Shifting gears and calibrating ourselves for the annual Christmas dinner, Truffles Fine Foods is proud to offer another dinner to go. This year, we are featuring a delicious four-course dinner for four, prepared fresh by our culinary team for a very reasonable price.

What is on the menu?


Sliced Boneless Turkey

Served with turkey gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce

Butternut Yam Purée

Garnished with toasted nuts & Canadian maple syrup

Steamed Vegetable Medley

Carrots, green beans, cauliflower and broccoli

Chocolate Pecan Pie


That is right, folks! If you missed out on our famed turkey dinner, or if you are in need for seconds, we are bringing it back! This dinner also comes with the all the obligatory sides you would expect to experience at a traditional Christmas meal – don’t you just love comfort food? To top it all off, our rich and decadent chocolate pecan pie will round-off your meal leaving you in gastronomic bliss. If you are interested, I encourage you to visit our page to place an order. Like all awesome things in life, our quantities are not infinite. We will be taking orders until the 21st of December, or until we are fully booked.

Book your holiday party with Truffles Fine Foods - Vancouvers catering company

Memories In The Making This Season

On the topic of the holidays, we know that making memories is something we all cherish during the festive season. If you need just a little more convincing on why choosing Truffles Fine Foods to deliver on your Christmas dinner is a good idea, why not see our team at work? Check out this video of our culinary team preparing a tasting menu to lucky patrons at our downtown location, or feel free to visit one of our convenient locations.

We all know how stressful preparing a big, Christmas meal can be – especially with everything else happening (you know – the shopping, the wrapping, the decorating, the in-laws, etc.), so why not let Truffles Fine Foods help alleviate some of that stress by preparing for you a delicious meal. Let us help you create memories you and your guests will not forget this Christmas!

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Glowing In The Garden

My goodness is it autumn already? I swear it was only last weekend when I was on a patio sipping bubbly and basking in the warmth of the sun! Alas, such is life. With the arrival of Fall comes a whole new plethora of sights and smells: Pumpkin spice, candied treats, ghosts and ghouls, and the carving of jack-o-lanterns! Vancouver is also prone to rainfall during this time of year, but we have been lucky with the weather these past few weeks. The crisp air and bright sun certainly make these autumn strolls amazing!

Strolling Through The Gardens

On the topic of strolls, Vancouver is delightful during this time of year because there are several venues hosting events around the city that allow us to enjoy the season to its fullest! One annual tradition returns this year, courtesy of our friends at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens. If you or your family fancy lights, music, intricately carved pumpkins and costumed people, wait no longer to get your tickets at Glow in the Garden! Last year’s theme was Alice in Wonderful – a splendid job they did – but this year’s theme features the classic German fairytale, Hänsel and Gretel.

Truffles Fine Foods at VanDusen

Perhaps you are planning a date to visit Glow, or it could be a family affair. Regardless of what the occasion, I am certain that you have to eat! That is where Truffles Fine Foods come in. Our VanDusen location is situated in the visitor’s centre and offers stunning views of the event itself. For the month of October, we have extended our operating hours until 9pm just so we can keep your taste buds and stomachs satisfied and full either before or after you visit Glow! Our little restaurant provides seating indoors or on the patio and offers fair trade coffees, lovingly handcrafted hot and cold beverages, locally-inspired epicurean entrees, flavourful lunch and snacks – all freshly prepared onsite from the highest quality ingredients! For more information, you can contact us at 604.505.4961 ext 3 or via email:

So, if you are looking for something fun and exciting to do this autumn, I highly encourage you visit the VanDusen Botanical Gardens, treat yourself to a culinary adventure followed by a unique take on the classic Hänsel and Gretel tale! On a cold autumn evening with the moon shining bright, nothing is more fun (or dare I say romantic) than a stroll through an enchanted garden decorated with lights, pumpkins, and autumn leaves. Hope to see you there!

Images courtesy of VanDusen Botanical Garden and the City of Vancouver.

Seasonal Feature


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Create an Unforgettable Evening with Valentine’s Day Dinner-To-Go

YOU CAN SLICE IT OR DICE IT in a hundred different ways, but there’s no denying that food and love are undeniably bound together. Famed English writer Virginia Woolf once said: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

Truffles Fine Foods wants to ensure that you and your beloved think well, love well, and sleep well on Valentine’s Day by first dining well. With all the preparation and planning that can go into Valentine’s Day (don’t forget the flowers!), designing an unforgettable evening can be both time-consuming and creatively draining. Share your love over beautifully-crafted plates in the cozy comfort of your own home by ordering Truffles’ Valentine’s Day Dinner-To-Go meal. This year’s menu is thoughtfully designed and will tantalize even the most discerning of palates.

The Valentine’s Day Dinner-To-Go is prepared for parties of two and costs $85 (before tax).




Crisp pancetta and pecorino cheese with essence of mint and a lemon thyme vinaigrette

Choose between: 

Beef filet grilled to perfection, served with a bouquetière of baby vegetables,
rosemary chèvre bread pudding, and wild mushroom demi-glace 


Served with roasted wild mushrooms, whole pecans, and a sage-pecan truffle emulsion


Hand-crafted truffles with passion fruit and Grand Marnier purée

Ordering Guide:

Contact Katrina MacIntyre – – 604-505-4961 ext. 2.
Orders must be placed no later than Thursday, February 9, 2016* and meals may be picked up on February 13th or 14th after 11am at one of Truffles’ four locations (VanDusen Kitchen, Downtown Vancouver, New Westminster, North Vancouver).

   *Please note that we will only book a certain amount of orders so book early!
 * Orders require a 50% deposit to complete


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Let our Truffles team help you make your family Easter Dinner stress-free and memorable. Order our Easter Dinner-To-Go and let us take care of the details so you can enjoy your long weekend with family & friends.

 $125 (plus tax)

Mezze for 4
Sliced Genoa Salami and Prosciutto, Grilled Pepper and Zucchini,
Marinated Mushroom, Cubed Feta, Artichoke, Olives, Crackers,
Flatbread and Dips

Sunchoke, Jicama and Baby Frisée Salad
With toasted sesame dressing and sunflower seeds

Mains / Choice of: 
Pan Seared Skin on Seabass
With vanilla bean and parsnip puree with fresh sorrel beurre blanc

Star Anise and Cinnamon Dusted Lamb Sirloin
With coconut taro mash with a blackberry and red wine reduction

Both accompanied with a Spring mélange

Seasonal Berry-Misu
Fresh seasonal mascaraed berries layered between lady fingers and a vanilla Frangelico cream



– Orders must be placed by 12pm Wednesday March 23rd to ensure pickup at any of our four locations     on Friday 25th, Saturday 26th or Sunday 27th
– Orders require a 50% deposit.
– Participating locations: VanDusen Kitchen   *   Davie St.   *   New Westminster   *  North Vancouver

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