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A “Hootenanny” at VanDusen

Like the summer tradition of watching the fireworks display down by English Bay, autumn has its share of spectacles, too. If you are ever looking for an easy date idea, a family-friendly event to attend, or a place to simply take-in the setting and go for a stroll, I would highly recommend the Glow in the Garden event at VanDusen. This annual Halloween-themed event features a number of treats, crafts, pumpkin carvings, and the ever-so-popular light show.

Photo Credit: Lindsay William-Ross

A Big “Hootenanny”

Every year, the Glow in the Garden event features a different theme. In the past, adventure seekers have been graced with the classical tale of Hänsel and Gretel, the hijinks of Alice-in-Wonderland (under the watchful presence of the Queen of Hearts, of course), and even spooked by a ghoulish-themed walk filled with creepy creatures and ominous music as one ventured through the garden. This year, however, we learn that an “old barred owl has played a Halloween trick by casting a ‘hootenanny’ spell and making it glow”. Those who decide to undertake the walk are asked to assist the hummingbird, Anna, and her friends to lift the Halloween spell. Are you up for the challenge?

Delectables Await

The garden walk can take adventurers up to an hour (or more) to explore, and during this time of year, it could be very cold and wet. What better way to prepare and warm up with a cup of hot chocolate or tea, and some tasty sweet and savoury treats? As an annual ritual for myself and some friends, we always find time to stop by the Truffles Fine Foods located at the VanDusen Garden Visitor Centre. Here, we are in a well-lit, enclosed space that overlooks the garden – the ideal place to plan our walk and prepare ourselves for the spectacles that await. The garden itself does have its share of food vendors scattered throughout various pockets as well, but neither are sheltered and typically have longer queues. 


With all this in mind, I am truly excited about meandering through the walk again this year because it is always a treat to see what the creative team at VanDusen are able to conjure. It is also that time of year for adults to reflect and remember the simpler times when we were once curious and unsuspecting of all the spooks and sprites that Halloween had to offer. If you have a chance, do visit Glow in the Garden and help Anna lift the spell!

For more information about Glow, or to purchase tickets, visit them here.

Events & Celebrations

Glowing In The Garden

My goodness is it autumn already? I swear it was only last weekend when I was on a patio sipping bubbly and basking in the warmth of the sun! Alas, such is life. With the arrival of Fall comes a whole new plethora of sights and smells: Pumpkin spice, candied treats, ghosts and ghouls, and the carving of jack-o-lanterns! Vancouver is also prone to rainfall during this time of year, but we have been lucky with the weather these past few weeks. The crisp air and bright sun certainly make these autumn strolls amazing!

Strolling Through The Gardens

On the topic of strolls, Vancouver is delightful during this time of year because there are several venues hosting events around the city that allow us to enjoy the season to its fullest! One annual tradition returns this year, courtesy of our friends at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens. If you or your family fancy lights, music, intricately carved pumpkins and costumed people, wait no longer to get your tickets at Glow in the Garden! Last year’s theme was Alice in Wonderful – a splendid job they did – but this year’s theme features the classic German fairytale, Hänsel and Gretel.

Truffles Fine Foods at VanDusen

Perhaps you are planning a date to visit Glow, or it could be a family affair. Regardless of what the occasion, I am certain that you have to eat! That is where Truffles Fine Foods come in. Our VanDusen location is situated in the visitor’s centre and offers stunning views of the event itself. For the month of October, we have extended our operating hours until 9pm just so we can keep your taste buds and stomachs satisfied and full either before or after you visit Glow! Our little restaurant provides seating indoors or on the patio and offers fair trade coffees, lovingly handcrafted hot and cold beverages, locally-inspired epicurean entrees, flavourful lunch and snacks – all freshly prepared onsite from the highest quality ingredients! For more information, you can contact us at 604.505.4961 ext 3 or via email:

So, if you are looking for something fun and exciting to do this autumn, I highly encourage you visit the VanDusen Botanical Gardens, treat yourself to a culinary adventure followed by a unique take on the classic Hänsel and Gretel tale! On a cold autumn evening with the moon shining bright, nothing is more fun (or dare I say romantic) than a stroll through an enchanted garden decorated with lights, pumpkins, and autumn leaves. Hope to see you there!

Images courtesy of VanDusen Botanical Garden and the City of Vancouver.